October 29, 2020


Lantern Festival Slot Machine

Lanterns (Lantern Festival) is a 5-axis 3-line video slot machine game publisher for the superior product (Gameplay Interactive). Youpin was established in 2013 and its main products include live casinos, slot machines, board games and lotteries. The entire line of products can be integrated into any network and mobile platform to provide players with a convenient and smooth entertainment experience. Youpin also supports multi-language services including Chinese, and all products support multi-language/multi-currency.

Game theme

The Lantern Festival is based on the traditional Chinese festival Lantern Festival. Players can go boating on the lake in the night and watch the lanterns with a cute girl. The background music of the game is soft and soothing, which can make players feel relaxed and happy.

Specific rules

A total of 30 pay lines (from left to right)
single line betting units range from 0.05 to 500 (the number of betting lines cannot be selected). The
total betting amount is 1.50 to 15,000
non-cumulative jackpot slot machines. The jackpot is 600,000.
Click the round button on the right You can start the game, and long press it will enter automatic rotation. (Cannot set automatic stop; only stop when special reward is activated)


There are eight common symbols in the game, from high to low, they are red girl, yellow golden sheep, red Chinese New Year, a bowl of Lantern Festival, golden ingots, blessing lantern, red fruit plate and a set of tea sets.

  • Fireworks (scatter symbol): 3+ to trigger free spins
  • Lotus lantern, Kongming lantern: 3+ can activate the bonus game

Special reward

  • Free spins: 3+ fireworks “Treasure Hunting” patterns are required; 4 free spins + extended wild symbols (the wild symbols will appear in sequence). Free spins cannot be triggered a second time, nor can it trigger bonus games.
  • Kongming Lantern Bonus Game: 3+ Kongming Lantern “bonus” patterns are required. Choose one of the five Kongming Lanterns to get the bonus.
  • Brilliant fireworks bonus game: 3+ lotus lights “bonus” pattern is required, choose three of the five river lights to get the corresponding bonus.

If two “bonus” patterns have appeared, the remaining reels will slow down one by one, thereby increasing the player’s tension and excitement.

to sum up

In summary, the exquisite design, vivid pictures, and quiet background music of “Cause Lantern” can help soothe the players’ nerves. At the same time, it also has rich rewards and a large number of winning combinations. Unfortunately, Youpin did not announce the return to players (RTP) or the volatility of the game. This means that the player cannot confirm the rate or probability of winning through the game. In this case, we recommend that players try the free mode first. In addition, Youpin has also launched a lot of oriental-themed slot machines, if you are interested, you can check its “product” page.

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