December 13, 2020


Online Casino Bonuses




  • 欢迎奖金:适用于新用户,便于进行免费体验
  • 无存款奖金:无需存款即可获取并使用,限制较多
  • 存款奖金:存款即可获得的奖励(按比例返现、免费游戏次数等)
  • 其他奖金:特别定制的专属奖金;适用于老虎机的免费旋转奖金;针对新游戏的免费畅玩奖金等





VIP Casino Bonuses


VIP programs are often associated with loyalty programs, and users’ loyalty points may be counted toward their VIP level. The VIP services provided by the casino mainly include personal customer service, special bonuses, prizes and gifts, special promotions/contests, and faster withdrawal services.

Special considerations

So in order to obtain various “free” rewards and offers of online casinos, what special matters should we pay attention to?

Betting requirements

If a player makes a bet with a free bonus, wins a sum of money and wants to withdraw it, then it usually needs to meet certain betting (betting) requirements to withdraw. Assume that the casino offers a 100% bonus (up to $50) and the betting requirement is 20 times. If you deposit $50, you can get a bonus of $50. Then you need to bet $50 X 20 = $1000 to withdraw the bonus. The betting requirements of online casinos generally range from 20 to 30 times.

Terms of use

In addition to the overall “terms and conditions” of the website, the operator will also issue specific terms of use for special promotions. So what important things can the terms of use tell you?

  • Need to bet with bonus alone, or it can be combined with deposit
  • Bonus validity period (use time limit and bonus withdrawal time limit)
  • Minimum betting requirements
  • Maximum withdrawal amount

In order to reduce your own losses, no matter which website you play or what game, we recommend that you check the specific terms of use first, and focus on the betting requirements and withdrawal limits. When choosing a website, you can also give priority to online casinos with legal licenses and easy betting requirements.

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